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The Great Crochet Animal Rescue

The Great Crochet Animal Rescue

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The Great Crochet Animal Rescue book comes with digital copies of the Large Hedgehog, Fox & Bunny pattern. Each pattern will come with a step-by-step video tutorial. The book is a physical book. 

The Great Crochet Animal Rescue is a soft cover illustrated book that is designed to go along with the included crochet patterns to bring the story to life.

Join Lily and her Grandmother Angela on a heartwarming adventure filled with kindness, creativity, and crocheting! When a group of animals are in need of help, Lily and Grandma Ange use their crochet skills to come up with a solution that not only helps the animals, but brings warmth and comfort to all of their new friends. 

Along the way, Lily learns the importance of using her skills to help others and never being afraid to think for herself. With lovable characters and a sweet message of compassion, ‘The Great Crochet Animal Rescue’ is a delightful read for children, and a must-have for crochet enthusiasts. 

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